Kent y Norma

Here’s a new drum and percussion video. Hit it.

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Bagua for Beginners

This is the trailer for Bagua for Beginners, by Chenhan Yang, an upcoming DVD from YMAA Publication Center. I performed the voiceover in this clip.

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In this episode, I hit stuff with sticks.

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Introducing Radio Encendido

In October 2018, my pal Paul Metaxas and I launched a new radio program, Radio Encendido.

RE is at once a satire of radio and a celebration of the medium. Paul and I write all the music, skits, and advertisements you hear on the show. Now and then we invite guests to play an instrument or a character; otherwise, we perform all music and voices. When we need ambient sounds, we load up the mics, go on location, and record them. This is not the quickest way to produce radio, but for us, it is the most satisfying.

Radio Encendido airs on the Arizona Community Radio Network. It is also available on iTunes and YouTube.

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Chen Tai Chi for Beginners

We at YMAA are preparing to release a new DVD, Chen Tai Chi for Beginners, by Master Chenhan Yang. Here is the trailer. I read and recorded the voiceover in my studio.

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