This percussive odyssey began about twenty-five years ago: the countless hours of practice and study, working my way from basements to stages to Berklee College of Music in Boston. During my time there, I studied drum set as well as the percussion of Latin/Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, West African, and Middle Eastern traditions. Really, though, it’s not as impressive as it sounds. There is still so much to learn.

Since music school I’ve worked with a number of great artists, in all kinds of situations—from weird, experimental records to commercial projects for Club Med. Since Las Vegas became my musical headquarters, I’ve played some pretty cool places: Trump International, the Bellagio, Wynn, Mandalay Bay, the Marriott, the Orleans, the Las Vegas Convention Center, Red Rock Casino, and the World Market Center, to name a few.

My regular gigs include work with Sonny Lamson and the Las Vegas Jazz Trio featuring Kai Brant. I’ve written and recorded with Eric ClemenziSteve BellevilleJaelyn Denisethe Yiddish InvasionPoor Ould Goat, and Desert Towing, among others.

I’m available for writing, recording, and performing. If you’d like me to play on your next record or at your next show, please write me at tglafredo[at]

If you’re on the other side of the planet, no worries. I can record drum and percussion tracks for your project from my own studio. I have a nice collection of drums, cymbals, and ethnic percussion. I love session work.

I am a proud endorser of Telefunken Elektroakustik microphones and Gorilla Ears custom-fit in-ear monitors.

Selected Listening

Here’s some of my work with the Sonny Lamson Project.

Driving Back


Electronic press kit

Sonny Lamson: piano

Eric Clemenzi: guitar

Steve Belleville: bass

T. G. LaFredo: drums

Here’s a promotional video of the Las Vegas Jazz Trio featuring Kai Brant.

Kai Brant: vocals

Dan Ellis: piano

Martin Motnik: bass

T. G. LaFredo: drums

This is a demo I did for Kustom Sound and Media.

Here are a couple of songs from Desert Towing.

Transmissions from Planet Zero

Un día con el diablo

Dan Reynolds: guitar, vocals

Shane Sattler: bass, synth, vocals

T. G. LaFredo: drums, percussion, vocals

Here I am with my mates in Poor Ould Goat, an Irish band from Buffalo.

South Australia

Chris McGonnell: guitar, vocals

Joe Bacon: accordion, vocals

Brian Carney: mandolin, vocals

T. G. LaFredo: bass drum, djembe

This is a sampler of my playing with the New Rhythm Quartet (NRQ).

NRQ Demo

Guy Amato: guitar

“Detroit” Mike Hepner: keyboard

Tod Andrews: bass, more cowbell

T. G. LaFredo: drums, percussion

Here’s one from the Yiddish Invasion.

Surfing Kansas

Rice Z.: guitar, vocals

Sveten V.: bass

Sid West (T. G. LaFredo): drums

More music coming soon. Thanks for listening.

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