I am a lifelong radio geek. I have produced documentaries, talk shows, live sports, and commercials. I capture sounds on location and do the rest of the work in my own studio.

My buddy Paul Metaxas and I are the ones to blame for Radio Encendido. RE is at once a satire of radio and a celebration of the medium. It is also a love letter to the American Southwest, this incredible place where we live, play, and listen.

I host a weekly program called Focus on Your Health, which airs on KNTR and the Arizona Community Radio Network, a Public Radio International affiliate in northern and western Arizona.

I have produced live broadcasts of high school football games on 90.7 FM, KJZK, as well as Coaches’ Corner, a wrap-up show featuring coaches and players.

My work has also appeared on Captain’s Log on KXCI, Tucson.

My commercials air on stations throughout the tristate area—Arizona, Nevada, and California—and on Pandora Internet Radio.

Selected Listening

In this edition of Focus on Your Health I go flying with Guardian Air. I join nurse Eric Musick, paramedic Ashley Steinberg, and pilot Mike Mickelson on a medevac mission. We respond to the scene of a motorcycle crash on US 93, north of Wikieup, Arizona. The team treats the victims and transports one to Phoenix.

This is a Southeast Asian radio travelogue. We’ve loaded up the gear and flown to Manila with Dr. Lyanna LaFredo. Highlights include a jeepney ride, a visit to Philippine General Hospital, and fun with Pinoy radio, featuring Jan Yuchongtain.


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