The Tulsa Doom: War Chief

I played drums and percussion on a new record, War Chief, by the Tulsa Doom. It’s a solo project from Donivan Blair of the Toadies. The record is almost entirely instrumental, and it’s an eclectic mix of surf rock, punk, and spaghetti Western sounds. It was a really fun project. Among the guests on the record are Donivan’s brother, Zach Blair, from Rise Against.

Otitis Media Records has done a vinyl pressing of War Chief, which is available here.

Here are a few of my favorite tunes from the record:

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Joshua’s Shirt

A couple of years ago, my buddy Paul Metaxas and I worked on an instrumental using just percussion and vocalizations. We called that piece “Lady Electrode.” You can hear it in this short film, Joshua’s Shirt, by Marshall Seese, Jr. It features Ravi Naidu and that same Paul Metaxas—not the other one.


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Smog Vets

Here are two spots I worked on with my buddy Dane Haws. They are for Smog Vets, an emissions-testing company in Boulder City, Nevada. Dane did all the work here. But I did capture a pretty good engine sound.

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On the Attack

My pal Dane Haws and I worked on this video for Force 5 Records. We shot at Rockstar Bar in Las Vegas.

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Qigong for Health

Here is a new voiceover I recorded for my friends at YMAA.

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